Skin Health

February 27th, 2018 Posted by Natural Facelift 0 thoughts on “Skin Health”

How do you look after your skin? Easy question, right? Not really, many of us do it the wrong way.

When using beauty products, including foundation, the skin is or may be exposed to ingredients that are not compatible with skin health.


Soap can be aggressive and may contain fragrances. It is also drying, stripping natural oils that help skin to remain smooth and supple. When stripped of these oils, the skin then defends itself by producing more of it which may lead to the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

Over washing

Washing the face with just water without rubbing can be done at any time. This is certainly needed after you have been active and have perspired. Cleansing though depends on your skin type.

Dry skin needs a little more caution, so you don’t strip more of the natural sebaceous oil produced in the skin layers. Generally, dermatologists recommend cleansing dry skin in the evening with a refreshing morning splash on the face in the shower.

Oily skin has an overproduction of sebum and a good natural cleanser, used twice a day, helps to clean the skin’s surface.


These are often touted to offer anti-ageing benefits and to help prevent breakouts. If the skin is exfoliated very often with products that contain harsh or irritating ingredients, it will protect itself by forming a thicker layer of dead skin cells on the surface. What do we do then? Scrub harder to get rid of this layer and a vicious circle is created.

When the products contain microbeads, the environment is put at risk. There is a plan to phase out products containing them.

Wrinkles, ageing

We are all different, our genes, environment and lifestyle dictate how our skin ‘behaves’ and ages. Negative talk is often present in our heads about how we look and how we present our ‘best’ face to the world and, more importantly, to our mind’s eye.

Ageing is inevitable and accepting it places us in a good spot. This doesn’t mean that we can’t look our best. Invasive procedures may include ingredients our bodies do not recognize and could be harmful. There are natural options available and well worth investigating.


When the skin is not well, seek medical advice. When well but not perfect, your personality shines through and this is much more important to your wellbeing!