Skin and Ageing well

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The longer we live in our skin the more it is exposed to the elements, the environment and our lifestyle.

Skin is our largest organ
it needs nurturing


Many treatments are available to rejuvenate the skin, our largest organ. Many though introduce foreign substances into the deeper layers either numbing muscles or plumping them up. All muscles need exercise to stay healthy, numbing them takes this away and over time there are undesired side effects. Plumping them up reduces the flexibility of the muscles and with long term use, they seem to turn to fat. Many celebrities today have stepped away from some of these treatments as their faces started to ‘collapse’ or it even made them look older. New wrinkles have been known to form when surrounding muscles are paralyzed or, the eye brow or smile can dip or raise unnaturally when smiling or laughing.

Natural ageing

We all age, it is a natural process to be embraced. Part of graceful ageing is to nurture our bodies through healthy and well balanced nutrition, hydration, exercise and a healthy outlook on life.

Our cells, the foundation of us and present in all organs including our skin, need the nutrients that help neutralize the ‘rusting’ effect of oxidation which is a constant challenge to all our body systems.

Nutrition and skin

To help alleviate the ‘rusting’ effect, antioxidants help limit the damage caused by free radicals. As the skin is composed of cells, antioxidants are a great food for all organs. What you eat matters. A balanced diet has an anti-ageing effect, this includes lots of vegetables, fruit, good fats and proteins. This and good hydration are great anti-ageing tools. Alcohol and smoking on the other hand age the skin.

Natural techniques stimulating collagen

The Natural Facelift techniques are easily incorporated into a daily routine and help strengthen the foundations of the visible skin which soften wrinkles and help strengthen facial features. Using these techniques 5 minutes every day have a visible effect. Look more radiant and refreshed in a few months.

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