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About  Anne

At 49, Reflexology found me. A few years later I discovered Facial Reflexology. The original method was created by Prof. Châu, a Vietnamese Professor in Acupuncture.

As specific points and zones are worked on the face, health and wellbeing benefit.

At 63 I saw a photo that changed me and my work.

I never thought about my face, I was young. This was so until I saw that photo that changed everything. I could clearly see the deep lines and hollow cheeks. I investigated an invasive procedure (not Botox) with a recommended cosmetic surgeon but decided this was not for me as it was invasive, expensive and had to be repeated.

Knowing what I knew as a Facial Reflexologist, I went to work. I studied and did further research and successfully Refreshed and Rejuvenated my face. This led to the creation of The Natural Facelift Method which I still use every day, it takes less than 5 minutes.

I am now 70 and passionate to share this safe method that improves skin appearance and health and also boosts your wellbeing from a Facial Reflexology perspective. Facial expressions remain expressive in your communication with others.


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